Record your story

If you want to record your story or find out more about the process get in touch at or call us on 020 7332 3851. If you feel that you can talk about aspects of the LGBTQ+ experience that we haven’t been able to include in the Speak Out Collection so far then we are especially keen to hear from you.

Oral history interviews typically last between one and two hours and we can arrange for them to take place at your home, at London Metropolitan Archives or at another convenient location. Before the interview you can agree with interviewer some topics you would like to talk about and anything you might prefer not to. Afterwards a written transcript will be prepared and this and a sound recording of the interview will be part of the Speak Out collection.

So far over fifty people from across the LGBTQ+ communities have shared their stories with us. These stories range from the everyday to the exceptional, from lust to love and the tragic to comic and everything in between. We would like to add yours to them…


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