Add to the Archive

If you have something you might want share with us get in touch at or call us on 020 7332 3851. You can tell us more about it and we can decide the together then best way to bring into the Speak Out collection.  This might mean taking a digital copy of the items or a more formal deposit depending on what the item is and if you want to keep it.

We are interested all aspects of London’s LGBTQ+ history and any materials that help tell its stories. This includes: photos, ‘zines, flyers, leaflets, minutes, membership cards, manifestos, badges, letters, stickers and posters.  But if it’s flat and about LGBTQ+ London and Londoners we would love to have a look!

LGBTQ+ people have always been part of London’s history but they have often been made invisible in the historical record by selective keeping of records. Moving forward we want LGBTQ+ people to be visible in the archives. For this to happen we need records created and kept by LGBTQ+ people.



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