Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Queer+ (LGBTQ+) people have always been part of the fabric of London yet our histories have been marginalised. Speak Out is a call to action to put LGBTQ+ lives and experience back into the historical record.

Funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund, Speak Out London volunteers assisted by London Metropolitan Archives (LMA) have created a community archive using oral histories and memorabilia to complement and, where necessary, challenge more formal collections held at LMA.

We have done this by collecting oral histories and digitising new and existing collections. This website presents a selection of this newly available material. Our work continues so if you feel that this website is missing something or that you would like to be involved… Speak Out!

Highlighted Oral histories

  • Stephen Woodland

    Stephen Woodland

    Growing up as a girl, thinking he was a boy. The process of transitioning. The Gender Identity Clinic. Fond memories of Charing Cross Hospital.
  • Ted Brown

    Ted Brown

    Growing up gay and Black. Telling his mother that he was gay. First GLF (Gay Liberation Front) meetings in London. Living in a GLF commune. Campaign against Buji Banton’s homophobic lyrics.
  • D. J. Ritu

    D. J. Ritu

    Lesbian Line. Discussion group at Gays the Word. Shakti – the first South Asian Lesbian and Gay group.
  • Charlotte Cooper

    Charlotte Cooper

    Definition of queer. SM Dykes. Punk Dykes. Della Grace. SM Bi Group. ‘Fat and Proud’ book. Disappearing queer spaces around Stratford.

Highlighted items from the Gallery

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